Sunday, 6 August 2017

July Favourites: The Snack Edition

I did my first monthly favourites last month and it was fun, which is why I am here again to share with you some things I have been loving over the past month. 

Last month it was all focused on beauty products so this month I have decided to mix it up. This month it will be a food theme, hope you enjoy it as such as I enjoyed eating it. 

Lindt Lindor Irresistibly Smooth Orange Milk Chocolate Truffles

This is the inspirational and beautiful chocolate that made me decide to dedicate a monthly favourites to food. I am a big fan on Lindor truffles and I’ve tried a few of their flavours, but this one is something else! It was all I could do not to eat the whole box in one night.

Passions Deli Flavoured Pea Snacks

I am always on the hunt for healthy snacks. I am a big snack-aholic, and if it didn’t go straight to my waist line I would eat chocolate 80% of the time. So I was happy when a friend showed me these from Aldi, a great alternative to crisps.

Honeycomb Ice Cream

I usually reach straight for the chocolate ice cream, but the boyfriend brought this home. After sulking for a little bit because it wasn’t chocolate I tried it and instantly fell in love. 

M&S Cheese Twists & Sour Cream

These two are the best duo since Bonnie & Clyde, Ron and Hermione and Jack Donagee and Liz Lemon. The pastry just crumbles in your mouth and the flavour is so rich, once I eat one it’s hard not to eat them all. The M&S Sour cream is my absolute fave and goes with the cheese twists so well!

Classic Hummus

OMG I LOVE HUMMUS. Hummus is my life, I am addicted. I eat it almost every day and I follow a hummus appreciation account on Instagram. I was eating lots of different flavours but for the past month it has been all about the classic hummus

Red Grapes

As you may have noticed I love snacking on unhealthy food. Guilty! But I do try and make healthy substitutions, I promise. When I gave up refined sugar red grapes were my life saver when it came to calming down my sweet tooth. I’ve noticed my chocolate habit has started escalating so I’ve re-introduced these to the regular shop.

So tell me please, what snack food have you been loving lately? Not that I need another addiction….


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